Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This cupcake tower is two sizes of calla lily's ,coconut, and a green leaves. The flavors are strawberry, coconut, chocolate and carrot.
Options are endless- ornate sugar flowers, glimmering candy beads and custom sugar sculptures, from the simple to the extraordinary. Flavors are also endless fill them add different flavors to the frosting's match your flowers and colors. Cupcakes can also say a lot be the stand that you put them on you can add ribbon for extra color; add grass at the bottom for a garden look. At Cake Contessa we sell a lot of cupcakes threw out the year not just for weddings but any occasion, the cupcake craze does not seem to be going anywhere just yet! We believes in luxury; rich flavors, customer service and exquisite cupcakes Please visit our cupcake page at http://www.thecakecontessa.com/cupcakes.html

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