Monday, August 3, 2009

Cake Ball Menu,The next Cupcake.

Cake Balls
Definition~ A cake ball is a moist cake that is mixed with frosting and hand dipped in chocolate. Two sizes are available small and large the equivalent of small and regular cupcakes.

All flavors can be dipped in white, dark or milk chocolate. Custom colors and flavors are also available. Cake Balls can all be made with or without alcohol.
And are sold by the dozen.
Banana ~cake with chocolate Kailua frosting
Chocolate covered strawberry~ strawberry cake ~fresh strawberries and vanilla frosting
Peanut butter~ peanut butter cake and frosting
Red velvet ~cream cheese
Lemon~ lemon cake with vanilla frosting
Orange Sunshine~ orange cake with blackberry buttercream
Cappuccino~ white cake with coffee buttercream
Coconut Rum - coconut cake with a light rum frosting
Lime Margarita~ fresh lime cake with a touch of tequila.
Pink Champaign ~ raspberry buttercream
Delivery and Gift Boxes Available!

Small 12~ $36.00

Large 12~ $48.00

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