Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evolution of Cake

Cake, cupcakes, cake truffles, and lollycakes, The evolution of cake from yesterday to today. Cake now is a form of art not just something to eat. We have gone from wedding cakes that are white, chocolate, or lemon with jam fillings to a vanilla orange cake with blackberry mousse and chambered butter cream or chocolate cake with milk chocolate cake and fresh strawberries. Flavors are unlimited!

Cupcakes are now filled or unfilled decorated in ornate sugar flowers, glimmering candy beads and custom sugar sculptures, and not in confetti sprinkles.

Cake truffles and lollycakes are the newest cake trend, these little bites of goodness are a moist cake that is mixed with frosting and hand dipped in chocolate and a lollycake is a cake truffle on a stick sometimes planted in real grass for an ever the top look for any occasion. You can now have any type of cake delivered right to your party, event, office or front door.

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