Sunday, August 29, 2010

Designer Birthday Cakes

It was recently my friend Michelle's birthday. I asked her if
I could make her cake because I new she was one of those ladies who appreciates the over the top look. When designing a cake that is for an occasion that is not a wedding you have to be careful that the cake even though its stacked doesn't look like a wedding cake. And still keeping up with the cake trends. When I asked her what she liked the first thing she said was CHOCOLATE! lol, The chocolate fondant look is a huge trend right now, I was super excited about that. Next she said color! What a beautiful combination color and chocolate brown. I thought different shades of purple would be a different combination than the average pink and brown. Another one of Michelle's favorite things are jewels, The wires coming out of the cake have beautiful diamonds. And her favorite flower is the Stargazer Lilly, which is made from purple fondant to match the rest of the cake. She loved her cake and we loved making her birthday cake just a little over the top! The Flavors were chocolate with ganache filling and vanilla bean buttercream. Prior to the event Michelle wanted her cake to be a surprise, sometimes giving your cake designer that freedom is priceless...Leting us design your cake may be the best surprise of your party!